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Free Wood Chips and Mulch Las Vegas

Green Man Tree Service provides free wood chips and mulch to the public. People looking to have wood chips delivered to their property for free can use Chip Drop - . Once you sign up, contact us directly and we will put you on priority for a drop.

Benefits of Wood Chips

Using wood chips in a yard has a plethora of benefits, not limited to:

moisture retention

soil conditioning

providing nutrients

preventing weeds

limiting waste in landfills and fossil fuels consumed to transport

Wood Chips vs Rocks

Rock yards are a common sight around Las Vegas. Switching from rocks to wood chips will not only make for healthier trees and plants, but will help keep the area cooler - helping fight the heat island effect in the city and global warming.

Onsite Chipping Services:

Most tree trimming and tree removal clients opt to have the wood chips hauled away after a job, but clients willing to keep and work with the wood chips can be provided discounted rates - which can translate into big savings, especially on large jobs.

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