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Who We Are

"This oak tree and me, we're made of the same stuff"

-Carl Sagan

Green Man Tree Service is a professional tree company, providing tree trimming, tree removal, and tree planting services to the Greater Las Vegas Area. We are a family owned and operated business that handles jobs large and small. Love and gratitude for our planet is ingrained in everything we do. Committed to excellence, we pride ourselves on quality execution of work and customer service.

Licensed and Insured

Who Is Green Man?

Though the term was first coined in association with pre - Christian European traditions, our Green Man is an archetype represented by many gods, goddesses, spirits, mythical and cultural figures from across the globe, dating back to prehistory.


Green Man is a protector and embodiment of nature and the wild. He is a symbol of life, death and rebirth. He is both a diplomat and warrior of Mother Earth - just as a tree can provide food and shade, it can knock down walls or destroy foundations.


We build our company as a manifestation of Green Man, and we pay him homage with all the work we do.

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