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Tree Removal

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Man with chainsaw standing over cut pine logs in a yard

Tree Removal can big a big deal. Whether trees have been planted in the wrong location, outgrown their surroundings, overhang structures, suffer from disease or storm damage, has died, or etc. they may need to be remove to prevent injury and damage to property.

Large broken limb on mesquite tree

We always try to save tree when we can. Often times tree care companies will push removals because of the money, but in many cases problems can be mitigated with other techniques. Things like proper trimming and maintenance, pest and disease management, reduction pruning, cabling and bracing, or intensive pruning and tree shaping techniques such topiary, bonsai, pleaching, espalier, topping, pollarding, coppicing, etc. Solutions always vary by type of tree and individual situations. We continually strive to do our best to educate clients (and ourselves) and provide as many viable options as possible.

Large pine tree in process of being removed

But sometimes you have no other choice, or it is obvious that it will be a problem in the future. If a tree is a small problem now, it will just get bigger.

Palm Tree next to wall in process of being cut down

People often under estimate what a complicated and dangerous job tree removal can be.

Hire a hack job tree service and next thing you know, you've got a hole in your roof and a yard full of debris, or worse.

Worker at top of large pine tree, cutting it down in pieces

Large trees, and trees overhanging obstacles will often need to have a rigging system installed in order to safely lower debris without damaging property. Even felling logs into an open yard can kill lawns, damage underground utilities, and leave unsightly dents.

Dead tree removal can pose an extra threat to workers because of structural insecurity.

Worker standing over cut up pine tree

Tree removal needs to be done by a serious professional - with the right tools, knowledge and process. Make sure your contractor is confident and able to articulate the steps required in removing trees. A tree removal company must be properly licensed and insured and bonded.

Whether you need small tree removal, large tree removal, palm tree removal, or removal of multiple trees, Green Man has you covered. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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