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Mesquite Trees

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Large mesquite tree in Las Vegas front yard

Mesquite is a group of trees in the genus Prosopis, members of the bean family, native to the arid regions of North and South America.

Freshly pruned mesquite tree in Northwest Las Vegas

Mesquites are known for their deep growing root systems. Mesquite trees are integral parts of their native landscapes, but are considered highly invasive and noxious weeds outside of their native ranges.

Mesquite varieties that are native to the Las Vegas and greater Clark County area include Screwbean Mesquite, Honey Mesquite and Velvet Mesquite.

Chilean Mesquite are also often planted around Las Vegas and sold in local nurseries. We advise against planting these trees and recommend for their removal, if clients have the means.

Heavily pruned mesquite tree over patio in Southwest Las Vegas

These native trees are hardy, healthy, fast growing and drought tolerant. They grow relatively large for Las Vegas trees, up to 50ft. They are some of the biggest trees seen in Southern Nevada. Mesquites make excellent shade trees and privacy screening.

Indigenous peoples many uses for mesquite trees including food, tools, medicine, and to build shelter. Mesquite trees make for great lumber, firewood, and for cooking.

Large mesquite tree with large limb broken in storm Las Vegas area

Mesquite trees in an urban environment need to be trimmed periodically - for proper structure and aesthetics, trimming to reduce weight and sail effect to prevent wind damage, trimming overgrowth to prevent trees from falling over, removing deadwood, reduce debris, clearance from property or trimming for road clearance. We recommend having your mesquite tree trimmed every 2-3 years for upkeep.


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