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Wildlife Policy

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Here at Green Man Tree Service, we do our best to protect wildlife during our work. Employees are specifically trained to keep an eye out for critters in the trees and around the worksite, and our company culture puts great value on all life and encourages workers to be thoughtful in everything they do.

Baby rattlesnake in a cardboard box

If animals are found on the worksite, we do our best to not disturb them, but will relocate when necessary.

Bird Nests:

Green Man has a strict do not disturb policy when it comes to nesting birds. Employees are always on the lookout for nests and bird activity. When nests are spotted, employees inspect to see if it is occupied before continuing work. Occupied nest are given wide berth, and work is modified to not disturb when necessary. Clients should take special notice of this during Spring.

If any animal is ever be injured on a job site, or left unable to fend for itself, Green Man Tree Service will take said critter to a local rescue.

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