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Trees and Pools

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Olive trees surrounding a pool in central Las Vegas

Trees near pools can be very beautiful, but are often a headache for pool maintenance. Debris from trees can dirty the water, stain plaster, clog filters, and throw off PH.

Mediterranean Fan Palm next to pool in Northwest Las Vegas

Planting Around Pools

When installing new landscaping around a pool, we generally recommend against planting trees. We suggest planting shrubs, vines, cacti, succulents, and small palms.

Olive trees near pool in central Las Vegas

Trimming Trees Around Pools

For trees already growing around a pool, we recommend trimming them away from the pool, and thinning them out as much as possible to reduce issues with debris.

Removing two large pine trees near pool in southeast Las Vegas

Removing Trees Near Pool

Sometime the best option for property owners is just to remove trees that have been planted too close to the pool.

chipped cool decking in Northwest Las Vegas

Chipped cool decking near pool

Cool Decking

Cool decking is very common around pools in Las Vegas. Cool decking can be easily damaged by branches and logs, or even just heavy trodding of boots or careless placement of tools. Extra care is needed to not scratch or chip cool decking during work operations.

tree debris in pool in Northwest Las Vegas

Using large tarp to keep debris out of pool from palm skinning in northwest Las Vegas

Debris In Pool

No matter what, it’s almost guaranteed that debris will find it’s way into the pool during tree work. Even if you use a giant tarp to cover the pool, something will find its way in. We are very thorough in our cleanup. We always skim the pool when we are finished, and vacuum when necessary. We can also give referrals for a follow up with a professional pool company.

just trimmed Mexican Fan Palm near pool in North Las Vegas

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