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How Much Does It Cost To Trim Palms?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

trimmed Mexican Fan Palms around apartment pool and office near North Las Vegas Airport

The costs involved with trimming palm trees varies from situation to situation.

Factors include the type of palm, how tall it it, location, drop zone, how long it is has been since the last it was trimmed, amount of material coming out, etc.

Green Man Tree Service offers completely transparent pricing. Our representatives can completely break down the cost and processes for each project.

As of fall 2022, our rates are $150 per labor hour, and $50 per cubic yard of material being removed from site.

trimmed Mexican Fan Palms and Canary Date Palm at for sale property in Las Vegas

The average cost off palm trimming in Las Vegas is $50-$125 for fan palms and Phoenix Date palms, and $50-$250 for Canary Date Palms.

Canary Date Palms with fresh trim and trunk shaping in North Las Vegas

Palms with large build up of growth, are exceptionally tall, or pose risk for climbing can be more expensive.

Call or fill out our contact form today for a free consultation.

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