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Choosing Between Open Top Dump Trucks and Chipper Box Dump Trucks for Tree Service

When it comes to tree service operations, selecting the right type of dump truck is crucial for efficiency and effectiveness. Two common options in the industry are open top dump trucks and dump trucks with chipper boxes. Each has its advantages and limitations, and understanding these factors can help tree service professionals make informed decisions that align with their specific needs.

Open Top Dump Trucks:


  1. Versatility: Open top dump trucks are versatile and can handle various materials, not just wood chips or debris. This makes them useful for a range of tasks beyond tree service, providing added value for companies with diverse needs.

  2. Easy Loading and Unloading: Loading and unloading materials with open top dump trucks is typically straightforward, especially for loose or bulkier items. This simplicity can contribute to faster turnaround times on job sites.


  1. Lack of Containment: The open design of these trucks means that materials are exposed during transport. This may not be ideal for tree service jobs involving fine or lightweight debris that could be prone to scattering during transit.

  2. Limited Chipper Capacity: While open top dump trucks can handle a variety of materials, their design may limit the volume of wood chips they can carry compared to dedicated chipper box trucks.

Dump Trucks with Chipper Boxes:


  1. Specialized Design: Chipper box dump trucks are purpose-built for tree service operations. Their enclosed design helps contain wood chips and debris during transport, minimizing the risk of spillage and reducing the need for cleanup.

  2. Increased Chipper Capacity: These trucks often come with larger chipper boxes, allowing for more efficient hauling of tree limbs, branches, and wood chips. This can be particularly advantageous for tree service providers dealing with substantial amounts of green waste.


  1. Limited Versatility: Dump trucks with chipper boxes are specialized for tree service, which may limit their utility for other tasks compared to more versatile open top dump trucks.

  2. Complexity in Loading: Loading materials into chipper boxes may require additional effort compared to open top trucks, especially when dealing with irregularly shaped or large tree debris.

Choosing the Right Truck for Your Needs:

Ultimately, the decision between open top dump trucks and chipper box dump trucks depends on the specific requirements of a tree service business. Companies with diverse needs may find open top trucks more suitable for their operations, while those focused primarily on tree services might benefit from the specialized design of chipper box dump trucks.

Consider factors such as the type and volume of materials typically handled, job site conditions, and the overall versatility required. A well-informed choice can lead to improved efficiency, reduced cleanup efforts, and enhanced customer satisfaction in the competitive tree service industry.

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