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Benefits of Planting Trees In Las Vegas

Why plant more trees in Las Vegas?

Improve Mental and Physical Health

Studies show being around trees reduces stress, improves mood, relieves depression and anxiety, improves cognition, and can even help chronic illnesses.

Leave a Legacy

The True Meaning of Life Is To Plant Trees Under Whose Shade You Do Not Expect To Sit - Nelson Henderson

Trees can live a long time, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of years, and the succession of that tree’s descendants continues long after it is gone. Planting a tree today benefits humanity into eternity.

Calm Traffic

Studies show tree lined streets have a calming effect on motorists, makes them drive slower and more conscious of their surroundings. This translates to less crashes, less serious injuries, and safer streets.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Trees filter, absorb, deflect, and refract sound pollution. Strategically planted trees can provide an effective sound barrier.

Improve Property Values

Studies show that well landscaped yards and mature trees can improve a homes value by as much as 10-15%.

Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect

Trees cool the city by providing shade and through evapotranspiration. Shaded areas can be as much as 45*F cooler than unshaded areas.

Improve Air Quality

Trees absorb pollution and produce oxygen.

Sequester Carbon From The Atmosphere

Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere, using it to grow and storing it in their woody skeletons. This absorption and storage of carbon combats green house effects and climate change.

Prevent Water Pollution and Flooding

Trees filter, store, and slow the flow of rainfall. This helps prevent flooding and pollution of our waterways from runoff.

Provide Food And Shelter

Trees provide food and shelter for humans, domestic animals, and wildlife.

Reduce Crime

Studies show that increasing tree coverage in urban areas leads to a decrease in crime.

Reduce Energy Consumption

By providing shade and wind block, trees reduce energy consumption in homes and other buildings.

Provide Renewable Energy

Trees are a source of biomass fuel that is both renewable and carbon neutral. Fossil fuels are extracted from underground and release new carbon pollution into the atmosphere, whereas carbon from biomass was already present in the atmosphere and extracted by the plant.

Control Erosion

Trees control erosion through they’re effects on storm water, they’re roots binding together the soil, and though covering the soil with leaves and mulch

Improve Soil

Trees improve soil by preventing erosion, storing water, and transferring nutrients through their roots and mulch.

Bring More Rain

Trees release moisture and particles into the air through evapotranspiration. Enough trees together can have an effect on weather patterns, drawing moisture from the ocean and releasing it to other areas.

Provide Economic Opportunities

Trees make jobs. From jobs involving tree care in urban environments, to farming and timber, trees create sustainable economic development.

Combat Drought

Trees fight drought through evapotranspiration and shade, by attracting rain, and by drawing groundwater up with their roots and making it available for shallower rooted plants.

Create Natural Barriers

Trees create natural barriers, for marking and protecting boundaries, preventing trespassing, protection from cars, and privacy screening.

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