African Sumac

African sumac is a medium sized evergreen tree native to South Africa.

African Sumac trees were introduced to the Southwestern United States because they are hardy, fast growing and drought tolerant. African Sumac makes a great shade tree and privacy screen. The blossoms and fruit of the African Sumac are said to be edible, and have been used traditionally to brew and make alcohol.

Sadly the African Sumac tree is invasive, it is one of the most commonly seen invasive trees sprouting up in Las Vegas. Because of this, we strongly advise against planting these trees and recommend for their removal, if clients have the means.

African Sumac trees in an urban environment need to be trimmed periodically - for proper structure and aesthetics, trimming to reduce weight and sail effect to prevent wind damage, trimming overgrowth to prevent trees from falling over, removing deadwood, reduce debris, clearance from property or trimming for road clearance. We recommend having your African Sumac tree trimmed every 2-3 years for upkeep.

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