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Who is Green Man?

A stencil style portrait of a Green Man head with horns

Though the term was first coined in association with pre-Christian European traditions, our Green Man is an archetype represented by many gods, goddesses, spirits, mythical and cultural figures from across the globe, dating back to prehistory.

Green Man is a protector and embodiment of nature and the wild. He is a symbol of life, death and rebirth. He is both a diplomat and warrior of Mother Earth - just as a tree can provide food and shade, it can knock down walls or destroy foundations.

We build our company as a manifestation of Green Man, and we pay him homage with all the work we do.

Examples of the Green Man Archetype:

Cernunnos - Celtic God of the wild

Robin Hood - English Literature

Dionysus - Greek God of agriculture and brewing

Osiris - Egyptian God of Life, Death, Rebirth, and vegetation

Amoghasiddhi - one of the 5 Wisdom Buddhas

Bacchus - Roman God of wine and revelry

Peter Pan - from the play by J.M. Barrie

Father Christmas - English Holiday Tradition

Oak King and Holly King - European Pagan Traditions

Horned God - Neopaganism

Tlaloc - Aztec God of rain, earthly fertility and water

Nodens - British Nature God

The Ghost of Christmas Present - from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

Odin - Norse God

Poseidon - Greek God of The Sea

Freyr - Norse God

Jesus - Christianity and Islam

Oceanus - Greek Titan

Face of Glory - Hindu and Buddhist architecture

Neptune - Roman God of The Sea

Khidro - Islamic Prophet

Dryads - Greek Nature Spirits

Ents - Literature of J.R.R. Tolkein

Jinmenju - "Human Faced Tree" of Japanese Folklore

Lauma - Baltic Forest Spirit

Porevit - Slavic Forest God

Kane - one of the Chief Hawaiian Gods, god of the forest and wild foods

Veles - Slavic God of Earth, animals, and the Underworld

Metsavana - Estonian Forest God

Leshy - Slavic Forest Spirit

Tapio - Finnish Forest God

Xipe Totec - Aztec God of Life, Death, Rebirth, vegetation and agriculture

Ningishzida - Mesopotamian God of the Underworld and Vegetation

The Green Knight - English Literature

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