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Washing Climbing Rope In Washing Machine

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

It should go without saying that tree climbing rope gets very dirty from use, particularly ropes used by a professional tree service. Many climbers and arborists are unaware that routine washing of their rope is essential maintenance. Dirt, pebbles, tree sap, oils, and other contaminants can all effect workability and safety of rope and knots. These contaminants also work their way in between rope fibers and cause excess wear.

Luckily washing climbing lines is a simple and straightforward process. There are several methods, the following covers how to wash rope in a standard clothes washing machine.

Gather soiled climbing line.

Dirty climbing rope

Place rope in cloth or mesh bag. A natural fiber pillow case works in a pinch.

Climbing rope placed in pillowcase

Place bag in washing machine, make sure to counter balance washing drum with bulky items or another bagged rope, to prevent damage to machine during spin cycle.

Wash on lower setting with cold water and a mild, unscented detergent. Detergents with softeners or scents can leave counterproductive residues.

Hang out to dry.

Freshly cleaned climbing rope

And get back to work!

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