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How to Start and Run a Commercial Wood Chipper - 2009 Altec DC912A

Open rear hatch and make sure feeder is in the reverse position.

Turn key to on position and allow machine to prime itself.

Start engine.

Allow machine to run for a moment, watch and listen to make sure machine is operating properly.

Slowly engage clutch.

Slowly rev engine up to full operating speed.

Move feeder to forward position.

Feed material into machine. Continually monitor the machine during use. Do not feed too much material at once. Adjust discharge shoot as needed to evenly fill truck.

After all material has been processed, allow the machine to run for a few moments to clear the disc and discharge chute.

Turn feeder to reverse position.

Slowly rev down engine.

Once RPMs have settled at their lowest, slowly disengage clutch.

Allow machine to run for a few moments before turning key to off position.

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